A Friday Benediction

sunset1It’s been a long week for some, may they find rest
It’s been an uphill week for others, may the weekend be downhill
It’s been a loud week for many, may the weekend be quiet

Yet, as we move from the labors of the week to the task of the weekend
May we find at least a moment this weekend where
your presence warms us like the Summer sun
a hug becomes a sacred moment
we feel unconditional love
we breathe deeply and enjoy the people and places of our lives

May we find a Sabbath this weekend
A place bathed in sunshine where our soul can be quiet
May we live full of grace and truth
And allow us the courage to treat others the way we desire to be treated.
In the name of the one invites the weary to find their rest we pray, Amen.
by John Roy



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